Between 1993 and 1999 in the United States, an average of 1.7 million violent victimizations per year were committed against persons who were at work or on duty. (  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, almost 16,000 employees experienced trauma from nonfatal workplace violence and 409 employees were victims of homicide in the workplace.  An estimated 18% of violent crimes, including rape, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault are committed while the victim is working or on duty.  Because violence in the workplace continues to rise at an alarming rate, efforts to address this issue are now at the forefront of Risk Management concerns for companies nationwide.

Understanding what constitutes workplace violence and how to identify risk factors can be challenging but is crucial in providing a safe work environment.  Employees who feel safe at work are more focused, resulting in a productive, more profitable business.  With a proven system in place, employers can reduce costs related to time lost and reduce or eliminate the risk of loss related to lawsuits, which is critical in protecting a company’s brand image.

Bianchi Business Consultants (BBC) offers a Workplace Violence Prevention Program that has been proven successful for businesses and hospitals.  With this program, businesses become target hardened and prepared for crisis-related action.

Beginning with a vulnerability assessment, BBC will:

  • Evaluate your facility structure and security and offer suggestions to correct deficiencies
  • Analyze records and trends and give screening surveys to staff to help identify hazards
  • Develop operational training modules, including policies and procedures, in compliance with OSHA, NJDOH, and Joint Commission standards
  • Develop a data reference package for law enforcement to use in the event of an emergency which includes contact information for management, a list of employees, and a layout of entrances and exits within your facility
  • Help implement a program to reduce risk of litigation related to a workplace violence event

Bianchi Business Consultants is comprised of a team of former prosecutors, law enforcement officers and nationally recognized hospital workplace violence experts.  Our highly skilled team is uniquely capable of designing and helping to implement policies and procedures that are necessary for compliance with OSHA, NJDOH and Joint Commission standards.  These professionals have written government regulations, trained the trainers, and are dedicated to protecting your company.

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