CEOs and business leaders today face harsh demands for their time and attention more than any other time in history.  Geopolitical uncertainty, cyber- and physical security, increased regulatory and government enforcement actions, as well as rapidly paced media, are a few examples of factors that affect today’s executives.  Additionally, factors that affect executives in their personal lives may reach within a business and affect its reputation. Because personal or family issues can often result in legal, sometimes criminal, matters, it is important to have measures in place to protect a company’s brand.  Having an advisory firm that understands these issues and can offer appropriate intervention is critical when brand protection is at stake.

Bianchi Business Consultants (BBC) understands the importance of protecting your company while offering support to your executives.  With that in mind, BBC has developed a Legal Executive Protection Program which is focused on providing 24/7 support to executives, their families and loved ones.  Our Legal Executive Protection Program focuses on addressing issues that may become a public and/or criminal matter.

While not all matters become public, BBC understands that it is important to be proactive in preventing possible negative publicity for those issues that do.  Our team of former prosecutors are expert trial attorneys that specialize in crisis management for high profile clients with visible public profiles.  BBC’s team is skilled at navigating personal and professional legal matters and is able to mitigate collateral consequences with expertise.

BBC brings expertise that provides clients with unique insights to help resolve legal issues.  Our Legal Executive Protection Program is a retainer-based program that provides:

  • Phone Consultations
  • Guidance on handling issues before the media
  • Referrals to specialized service providers, as needed

Legal Representation