Business Security and Emergency Management Considerations

There are a number of important reasons for preventing, mitigating, detecting and having a comprehensive and integrated response to reduce the potential for workplace violence, criminal activity and other high-risk events in hospitals, businesses, corporations or educational settings during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Legal and moral responsibility to protect the safety and welfare of employees, clients and visitors
  • Elimination/reduction of liability
  • Elimination/reduction of employee medical costs, replacement costs and lost workday costs
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Maintenance of excellent client, public, community and employee relations




Prioritizing recommendations should be based on regulatory compliance, lessons learned from other incidents and best practices, as well as the current site-specific assessed effectiveness of and identified gaps in Early Warning, Early Alert and Early Responder Notification systems. As we progress through the impact of COVID-19, the risk may fluctuate depending on stressors on the organization’s workforce and workplace, clients and supply chain and on local emergency responders.

The challenge for organizations committed to protecting their workers and customers and decreasing liability is that parameters are changing on a daily basis as we learn more about the virus and how it is impacting the community. An array of defined and constantly updated Risk Assessments and Analytics should be used to mitigate potential incidents, including:

  • Suspicious behavior of visitors
  • Employee behaviors related to illness, drug and alcohol use and stress
  • Workplace violence by customers and employees
  • COVID-19 variables
  • Updated procedures and technology
  • Security staffing




  • Develop an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Prepare to implement basic infection-prevention measures
  • Develop policies and procedures for prompt identification and isolation of sick people
  • Develop, implement and communicate about workplace flexibilities and protections
  • Implement workplace controls
  • Conduct a tabletop exercise and “Hot Wash”
  • Track costs and expenses
  • Review insurance policies for Business Interruption Protection




Bianchi Business Consultants (BBC) can assist your organization with an integrated, multifaceted response that (1) reduces your risk, protects your brand and image and allows you to recover more efficiently and effectively from the impact of COVID-19, and (2) prepares your organization for the next crisis to limit its impact on your business.

Our services include:

  • Brand Protection and Litigation Mitigation Practices
  • Identification of and compliance with legal responsibilities
  • “Hot Wash”
  • After-Action Report

Our services are tailored for each business we support, including those in the health care, long-term care and retail sectors.



As important it is to address the virus – or any future crisis – so is the need to get back to business when it is appropriate. This will bring with it challenges to ensure your business rolls out a program and plan that is both safe and productive as you recover from the economic damage the virus has wrought.




Our team of professionals comprises a unique combination of former chief law enforcement officers, prosecutors and industry experts. This complimentary discipline approach provides our clients with expertise from those who have been trained and were in charge of disaster emergency responses throughout their careers. We would be honored to offer any advice we can to ensure that your business is well protected so as to avoid liability while moving toward a position of returning to business as usual as soon as is possible, in a safe and responsible way.