Every business needs a sound recovery plan to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic in as seamless a manner as possible.  Plan ahead by developing a detailed course of action, communicate the overarching strategy to your team, and your transition back to business as usual just might prove easier than expected.  Though it might take a little bit of time to return all operations to their pre-COVID-19 status, it is important to hit the ground running with the guidance of a coherent recovery plan.

Why a Recovery Plan is so Important

Imagine if you were to simply pretend as though the coronavirus pandemic did not occur and resume business as usual.  Employees and customers would hesitate to show up, fearing the virus might be present at your business facility.  Furthermore, business will likely have at least slightly declined in light of the coronavirus, reducing the need for employees and other forms of overhead.

Add in the fact that customers’ needs and desires have changed and it is easy to see why business cannot resume the usual course.  In short, you need a recovery plan to alter your services as necessary in accordance with life in a post-coronavirus world.

A Public Relations Effort for Peace of Mind

Business recovery plans should be centered on public relations efforts that stress the fact that steps have been taken to protect both customers as well as employees.  This is your opportunity to put your business in the spotlight as well-prepared and 100% clean in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.  Spend the little bit of time, money, and effort necessary for a public relations outreach and you will find both customers and employees are that much more inclined to view your business in a favorable light during these tumultuous times.

A Plan Mitigates Legal Liability

No one is quite sure how coronavirus-related lawsuits will be handled as the economy reopens.  The overly litigious public will undoubtedly sue businesses for alleged exposure to coronavirus even if those businesses take all the steps necessary to thwart the virus.  However, companies that have a coherent plan of action in place prior to reopening will have done everything possible to sanitize their establishments/offices and make the public as well as employees fully aware of these efforts for protection against the virus.

A coordinated effort to combat the virus will also ensure compliance with regulatory rules.  Our business consultants are here to help you identify all risks, make recommendations, and ultimately sidestep potentially devastating lawsuits.  Plan accordingly with the assistance of our experts and you will have done everything in your power to protect your company’s brand and reputation within the community.

Develop a Plan for Sick Employees

There is a good chance at least one employee at the majority of businesses that reopen will test positive for coronavirus.  You need a plan in place to determine the optimal manner to handle such positive tests.  There should be standard operating procedures that dictate how sick employees are handled in terms of time away from work, sick pay, and reintegration into the workforce after an extended absence.

Maintain Momentum After Reopening

Perhaps the worst potential outcome after a reopening is for one or several key employees to test positive for COVID-19 after interacting with one another.  You can mitigate the spread of the virus at your place of business by teleconferencing when possible.  Limit interpersonal interactions that occur in a face-to-face manner to small groups.  Furthermore, it is prudent to space out employees across the entirety of the office or facility, providing 6-12 feet of space between each cubicle, office, or other work station.

Bianchi Business Consultants are on Your Side

Our business consultants are here to help ensure your business’s reopening is as smooth and profitable as possible.  Let us assess your operations, help you formulate a strategic course of action and you will notice an improvement in what matters most: your bottom line.  Reach out to our business strategists today by dialing 862-210-8570 or emailing office@bianchibusinessconsultants.com.