Are you ready?

Since most companies and businesses do not have the type of expertise or experience to conduct a thorough and effective Risk Assessment and a COVID-19 Response Plan, they are left in a very difficult situation when considering re-opening their businesses.
Is Your Business Ready?

There are several important reasons for preventing, mitigating, detecting and having a comprehensive and integrated COVID-19 Plan:
  • Moral responsibility to protect the safety and welfare of employees, clients and visitors to facilities.
  • Brand Protection
  • Legal responsibility to protect employees, clients and visitors
  • ​Elimination/reduction of liability.
  • ​Elimination/reduction of employee medical costs, replacement costs and lost workday costs.
  • ​Compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • ​Maintenance of excellent client, public, community and employee relations.

Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC - Our team of professionals comprises a unique combination of former chief law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and industry experts. This complimentary discipline approach provides our clients with expertise from those who have been trained and were in charge of disaster emergency responses throughout their careers. We would be honored to offer any advice we can to ensure that your business is well protected so as to avoid liability while moving toward a position of returning to business as usual as soon as is possible, in a safe and responsible way.

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