Robert Bianchi, David Bruno, Marcus DePontes, and Errol Brudner members of the Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC have put together a short but informative webinar that describes some of the issues that businesses will face as they begin to reopen post-COVID.

In the webinar, they discuss the challenges that businesses face as they try to protect employees and customers alike. Each business has its own strategic challenges as they decide to bring back employees and then allow their customers to follow suit. The legal landscape of the reopening is about understanding the process and procedures to put in place which will limit the liability to the business owners. Limiting liability by protecting employees, customers, vendors, and partners is a moral and ethical obligation, which could potentially help businesses avoid expensive litigation.

Additionally, while the intrinsic value of protecting employees and customers can improve public, community, and employee relations; it can also reduce employee medical costs, replacement costs, and lost workday costs.

The business landscape due to COVID-19 is now a confusing amalgamation of regulations and guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, as well as recommendations from your state and local governments. The difficulty in deciphering the new regulations and enacting policies and procedures to adhere to these new rules are a challenge for any business owner. The experts at Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC have worked with companies in a variety of industries from chemical and petrol to retail and healthcare, assisting our clients in conducting thorough risk assessments and developing sound policies and procedures designed to reduce liability, and improve overall safety for employees and customers.

We are confident that this webinar will be valuable, along with our COVID-19 Business Response and Recovery Plan. We believe now is the time for business owners to conduct a risk assessment with our team of professionals.

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